I’ve just released service-ident, a small program that finds the name of a user accepting TCP/IP connections on a remote host. This only works if the target system is running an Ident server that is not configured to hide this information.

My goal with this project is to make it easy for people to ensure their Ident servers aren’t divulging unnecessary information. If you’re using oidentd, you can read more about Hiding Connections on the project’s website.

The following example would open a connection to example.com on port 443 (HTTPS) and then query the ident server on the same host for the name of the remote user:

service-ident example.com 443

It is also possible to specify a different ident host or port by running the program with additional arguments:

service-ident <host> <port> [ident-port [ident-host]]

The most recent version of service-ident will always be available from files.janikrabe.com. It can also be installed from crates.io:

cargo install service-ident

service-ident is free software licensed under the GPLv3+. If you have any feedback or would like to contribute to the project, please contact me at service-ident at janikrabe dot com.