I’m happy to announce the release of oidentd 2.3.2. This is a backward-compatible minor release that includes several bugfixes and improvements. oidentd has also been fuzzed with american fuzzy lop prior to this release.

I would like to thank everyone who reported bugs in the previous version.


  • A warning is now shown when the connection limit (--limit) is exceeded.
  • Compile-time configuration is now included with the --version information.
  • oidentd now comes with service files and a socket file for systemd.


  • Option --forward now implies --masquerade.
  • For increased security, oidentd now builds as a position-independent executable with stack protection.


  • Support for libudb (user database library) is now deprecated. If you still use libudb, please get in touch.


  • On Linux, a null dereference was fixed that caused oidentd to crash when used with libnetfilter_conntrack on kernels without a connection tracking file.
  • On Linux, the byte order used for looking up ports was incorrect when compiled with libnetfilter_conntrack support.
  • On Linux, buffer lengths were incorrect when oidentd was compiled without IPv6 support.
  • Fixed an invalid comment style in the default oidentd_masq.conf file.

This release includes 37 commits from the last 7 months. If you would like to contribute to oidentd, please take a look at the documentation for contributors.