I made a number of improvements to oidentd this month. This included fixing a bug that was reported to me. I plan to release a new version of oidentd in January.

  • Changed several of oidentd’s functions to return int instead of bool [1, 2, 3]

  • Fixed incorrect byte order of ports when looking up connections through libnetfilter_conntrack […]

  • Fixed a null pointer dereference when using libnetfilter_conntrack on Linux kernels with no connection tracking file in /proc […]

  • Fixed two incorrect printf format specifications for values of type size_t […]

  • Reviewed a pull request for adding support for oidentd to the eggdrop IRC bot […]

  • Updated oidentd’s documentation to add a paragraph about use with systemd […]

  • Disabled the oidentd wiki on GitHub in favor of the new website

2018 has been a great year for free software, and I’m looking forward to working on even more amazing open-source projects in 2019.

Happy new year!