I recently started redirecting requests for ftp.janikrabe.com to files.janikrabe.com. In this post I’ll address a few questions people have had about this change.

Why the change?

Earlier this year I disabled FTP access to ftp.janikrabe.com because of the protocol’s lack of security. Since, ftp.janikrabe.com has, despite its name, been an HTTPS-only server. I’m making this change to remove this confusing and potentially misleading server name.

What do I need to do?

  • I use HTTP 301 (“Moved Permanently”) to redirect from ftp.janikrabe.com to files.janikrabe.com. If you access ftp.janikrabe.com using a tool that does not follow redirects, you will need to change the hostname manually.
  • It is recommended to change any URLs pointing to ftp.janikrabe.com to use files.janikrabe.com instead, regardless of whether redirects are being followed.
  • If you rely on latest/ directories containing a version number, please read on.

Are there any other changes?

Starting from January 1, 2019, filenames in latest/ directories will no longer contain version numbers. This is so that people can easily obtain the latest version of a package without first retrieving the version number. Specifically, the version number is being replaced with the word latest. For example, a valid path after this change would be:


Please note that the file latest.txt can be used to easily determine the latest version of a package in a machine-readable format.

$ curl "https://files.janikrabe.com/pub/$PACKAGE/releases/latest.txt"

Are you shutting down ftp.janikrabe.com?

No. I’m aware that a few projects (specifically Fedora, Gentoo Linux, NixOS, openSUSE, Void Linux, and potentially others) still use ftp.janikrabe.com.

There are currently no plans to take ftp.janikrabe.com offline. Should this ever change, I’ll work with affected projects to ensure a smooth transition.

Update 2018-08-09: Void Linux now uses files.janikrabe.com.
Update 2018-11-01: Fedora now uses files.janikrabe.com.
Update 2018-11-18: NixOS now uses files.janikrabe.com.